Who We Are

To put it simply, we are a nimble team of programmers, marketers, and problem solvers that like building insanely useful tools and websites.

Since 2010 we've done just-about-everything, internet related.

Branding, Strategy, Monitization, Content Creation, Programming, SEO, PPC, and [insert your favorite acronym].

Our Driving Values

  • A good customer experience trumps everything.
  • With dysfunction there is opportunity.
  • Focus on the important things in life.
  • Money isn't everything.
  • We will never promote anything shady (or that screws over the customer).
  • Stay Nimble, Stay Hungry.

Our Team

Nick Reese Profile Picture

About Nick

Nick Reese is the passionate, outgoing dude that you might have met. He loves marketing strategy, dreaming big, and building cool stuff. Follow him on his personal blog here.

When Nick isn't thinking about marketing he loves to drink tea, do yoga, travel, and hang with friends.

Nick Reese Profile Picture

About Duane

Duane Anderson is the cool-calm-and-collected anchor of the bunch. He loves building things, making things efficient, and analyzing consumer intent.

When Duane isn't at the computer, he is probably on a boat or in the RV with his awesome wife (Emily) and two pups.

Nick Reese Profile Picture

About Eric

Eric is the youngest of the bunch. He loves programming, figuring out tough problems, and meeting new people.

When Eric isn't at the computer he is usually at school, with his family, or volunteering in his community.

Some of Our Assets

Art of Blog helps bloggers by providing helpful information ranging from getting started to picking the right host.

Design Snack is what we like to call a "socially-powered design gallery." Design Snack is the ultimate portfolio and inspiration tool for web designers!

Optiniche had its start with WordPress and Internet marketing, but is currently in the process of being rebranded to provide practical marketing strategies for brick and mortar businesses.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a line at contact@microbrandmedia.com.

Want to learn more about what we do? Nick wrote a book on Affiliate Marketing. It's a good place to start.

Just as a heads up... we travel a lot so it might be a few days before you get a response... unless we really like you.